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Support for Learning Disabilities and Autism

Holistic Approach to Supporting Individuals

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About Us

Overall responsibility for the organisation’s compliance with all legislation and regulations.

Responsible for issuing all policies and procedures and implementing the strategy. Report on management quarterly accounts, yearend accounts and maintenance of  ICT infrastructure.

Office Administration responsibilities include HR, payroll, training and the cyclical maintenance of all service sites.

Managers responsible for the Implementation of all policies and procedures, including health and safety (H&S). Supervision of deputy and senior staff. Shared responsibility in each other’s absence.

Supports implementation of all policies and procedures, including health and safety; supervises team leaders and senior staff.

Responsible for:

  • all procedures to be carried out within regulations

  • clients receiving support in accordance with their care plan

  • writing and updating care plans and other documentation

  • liaising with families and professionals

Responsible for all aspects of support in line with the clients’ care plans and the instructions given by the shift leader.






Supports the implementation of policies and procedures through the day to day activities of the service. Ensures that customers care plans are implemented to high quality. Supervises key workers ,senior support staff and the support staff.


SRC Org Chart 2014 v2