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Support for Learning Disabilities and Autism

Holistic Approach to Supporting Individuals

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Living Skills - Food prep Hygeine 2013


There has been a lot going on since we moved into the Activity Hub, in November 2011 and we would all like to share our news.


As well as all the creative, fun activities and a very lively and interactive team, we have explored many learning opportunities.


Some of the service users are benefiting from packages that enable work initiatives through living skills.


One of these areas involves working in the kitchen, which Piero used to do at Scrathcona, his previous day centre. Others are learning regular living skills including cooking.


We now have a Safer Food Better Business pack.


Some staff and service users watched the DVD. All of them received a certificate for their participation.


The Activity Hub is a lively and vibrant environment of learning and enjoyment. We have much more news to come, so watch this space!


These are pictures of Piero, Martin, Liz, and Darren with their certificates.


Sunrise Care achieves Bronze accreditation with Investors in People!


Sunrise Care has just achieved Bronze accreditation with Investors in People. Here is an extract from the report.


Sunrise Care is an impressive organisation, led by people who understand the market and have ambitious plans to grow the business into a market leader. Instead of being deterred by all “the factors outside of their control”, they are making things happen by implementing strategies “within their control”.


The leadership team has placed a high priority on ensuring that all of their people are: effectively, led, managed and developed, so that they have the people capable and committed to delivering positive outcomes for their service users.


Describing the culture, a senior care worker said: “We are part of the change, rather than having it thrust upon us”.

Sunrise Care achieves Bronze accreditation with Investors in People!