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Charity Fun Day


On the Sunday 23rd June we embarked on another charity event which aimed to raise funds for children in the local community with disabilities. We left sunrise before midday with the intention of arrive at the fun day event at 12pm, for a couple of hours of enjoyment in the sunshine. Some of the clients had been to fun day’s in previous years, one of whom was Daniel who spoke fondly of his past experiences during the minibus journey


On arrival we caught a brief glimpse of a bouncy castle as we entered the vehicle parking which lifted everyone’s spirits to know that we were finally there. Firstly, carers and clients were partnered up and split up into their respective groups after a short discussion for the fun day.

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A large variety of games, entertainment and most importantly food were the main attractions. Some of which were plate smashing, henna tattoos, connect 4, football, cocoanut throw and sumo wrestling. Upon one occasion the DJ called an announcement that everyone should come closer to the main stage. We watched the performance of Odissi dancers dressed in traditional Indian garments, whilst Bhangra music fused with a modern twist played in the background.


Everyone danced with the uplifting beats of the music. After the performance the music changed to some classical Michael Jackson tunes. Martin couldn’t have agreed more with the musical selection and showed everyone his silky dance moves during ‘thriller’ and ‘beat it’. Our care manager Lois made an appearance on the dance floor during the gangnam style, accompanied by the smiling delight of Karishma. Also at the fun day were farm animals, which gave Nabil, Reece, Nicole and Sameena a great opportunity to come face to face with some of their favourite fluffy friends.


The hours progressed and so did our appetites. The staff at the BBQ served chicken burgers, chips, hot dogs and local Indian cuisine. By the speed of Steven finishing his meal our BBQ break couldn’t have come at a more welcoming time. The carers and staff after finishing their delicious meals had enough time to visit their favourite part of the fun day before departure back to Sunrise. We all loved our experience and were pleased to see that the charitable event had been successful again.bring on the fun day 2014.


Dale Paul Ashman

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