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Theme Nights

Come Dine With Me


Julie and Nicolaos were invited to participate in Come Dine With Me with Stan and Sunita from another Support for Living community.


Julie and Nicolaos hosted their own dinner parties on different nights with the delightful company of Stan and Sunita and in turn attended two different evenings hosted by Stan and Sunita at their home.


Julie held the first evening and was supported by staff to make a Jewish meal. “I was pleased with the effort and support from staff which helped make my first come dine with me night a success. I loved the taste of the food and making new friends and bonding with other people”.


Nicolaos held the third Come Dine With Me evening at home which was a mix of his cultural Greek food with some American.


Nicolaos and Julie would like to say a big thank you to Ravinder (at the other community) for giving them the opportunity to share in this experience and also to Stan and Sunita for joining them.


Congratulations to Sunita who was the winner of Come Dine With Me.


“We have agreed to meet up with Stan and Sunita at their local pub in Ealing and we have invited them both to our theme nights which we will be hosting very soon”. Julie and Nicolaos


By Christine Jan

dine1 dine2

“I was cordially invited to experience a kosher meal by Ms Julie Schiff. The meal started with Chicken Soup and Kneidlach, (or more commonly known as Matzo Balls) followed by Cholla Bread with smoked salmon. For the main we had Salt Beef with all the trimmings.


The meal was complimented with traditional Israeli music and the Menorah (candles). It was truly a good experience and wish to thank Christina, Carlene and Mey for an excellent evening and a big thank you to Julie for the invite.”


Daniel had a wonderful evening and couldn't wait to get tucked into the large bowl of Irish stew which was enjoyed by all as well the traditional potatoes and cabbage.


What Next?


The Tenants have agreed to participate in a Tenants of the Week Award and whoever achieves this will have the opportunity to have their cultural theme night again or a different theme night of their choice.


They would also like to introduce cultural clothing by either making their own or hiring traditional clothing from fancy dress shops, so watch this space it's getting even more and more exciting.

irish1 irish2

Staff will also have the opportunity to get involved and know that Carlene is looking forward to a Caribbean theme night to show off her culinary skills with a jerk chicken or two.


Can I take this opportunity to say a big big thank you again to Mey and Carlene for their time and efforts for making these evenings possible.


Team work makes the dream work! Christine Jan – Manager

Irish Theme Night

Jewish Theme Night